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Merry Christmas from the Sealwear Team

2009 – SEALWEAR @ 50 | A very big ‘THANK YOU’ to all of you!

The directors of Sealwear, Peter and Regina, organised a special fashion show and open day, allowing customers both the chance to take part themselves in the event and to look back at the amazing history of the company.

Inside a specially erected marquee, a stage had been built and seating for all the invited guests – Sealwear customers form far and wide; some even arrived wearing rubber – quite brave considering the high temperatures and the blazing sunshine. Before long, the marquee was filled to capacity and everyone took their seats. Peter, the Sealwear director, gave an introductory speech outlining the history of the company. Interestingly, the roots of Sealwear go back beyond fifty year – to a company called Richwear, originally based in Aberdeen. They manufactured waterproof clothing aimed at the fishing industry. However, it was soon noticed by the company that many of its customers were not fishermen. The closest many of them got to fish was their fish and chips! Noticing a fresh market, Richwear soon began to focus more on these land-locked customers and before long, the name was changed to Sealwear and the rest is rubber history! Peter’s intro was very interesting and provided valuable context to the event.

Soon enough it was time for the main event - the fashion show. What made this extra special was the fact that it not only offered the audience a chance to trace the history of Sealwear through the decades, but also gave them the chance to participate - the models on the stage were primarily Sealwear customers. Having genuine rubber lovers modelling Sealwear creations really added to the special atmosphere, making it a fun and relaxed party. The show began by going back to the 1950s and moved through the decades, each design and the accompanying music reflecting the changing times. There was even an Avengers section – very 1960s. Of course, it was complete with a lovely woman in a figure hugging catsuit. Not leather but rubber! Even James Bond made an appearance – with a rubbery Ursula Andress completing the picture in a blue latex swim suit. The models showcased a wide variety of styles and designs, each one illustrating the versatility and imagination of the Sealwear team: a belly dancer outfit, mini-skirts, mackintoshes, capes, hoods, maids outfits, even a wedding dress in white rubber.

After the show, everyone was invited into the showroom and office to look at a special display of Sealwear archive pictures and designs. Alongside the rare catalogues, pictures and vintage rubber fashions there were lots of new designs from the Sealwear range. Since taking over the company, Peter and Regina have launched a new website and focussed on what Sealwear does best – fulfil the rubber fantasies of its customers. Being rubberists themselves, they have developed new and exciting designs centred on heavy rubber bondage and bizarre rubber games. New items include inflatable bondage balls with attached breathing tubes and heavy rubber hoods alongside the traditional rubber dresses, macs and capes. Everything the rubberist could ever dream of. As Peter and Regina say themselves, if it’s possible in rubber, we’ll do it!
After some drink, food and lots of laughter and chat, the day drew to a close. But for a lucky few, there was a special rubber party at Peter and Regina’s home. Their kindness and generosity was fantastic. A perfect end to a great day.
The event was a fantastic opportunity to meet new rubber friends and look a back on a fascinating history. But more importantly, it was also a look into the future of Sealwear - and the future looks very rubbery indeed! Here’s to the next 50 years. Congratulations Peter and Regina and the Sealwear team.

SEALWEAR’s 50th, anniversary

It was long before 1959 that a venture called RICHWEAR engaged themselves in the manufacture of “specialized” rubber gear and eventually incorporated on the 26th of September 1959 the oldest company for Latex fashion in the world: SEALWEAR

We are looking forward to celebrating this SPECIAL DAY with all our friends, customers, partners, supporters, rubber aficionados at our premises in England.

50 years Sealwear - lets celebrate

Our team will guide you through 50 (!) years of impassionate and enthusiastic rubber manufacture (and whatever we have come across in this respect……) and welcome you !

Please contact us for further details and we will be happy to assist.


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Looking forward to seeing you soon!

We celebrate our first Anniversary of our Online-shop!
We thank all our customers and friends for their good support.

We are happy to offer a 15% discount on all items in our online-shop and our catalogues until 08th June 2009.
Let's celebrate!
1. Anniversary of the Sealwear Online-Shop - Get 15% discount

Our new designs 2009 are online!
28 new designs and bizarre outfits are now available in our online-shop.

Amazing new designs of mackintoshes in new transparent colours like violet translucent combined with extravagant Latex hats, fancy outfits like our new "Mamma Mia" outfit and sexy lingerie - and our new De Luxe Rubber - 2mm thickness - in a new very restrictive Strait jacket design. Breathtaking new Bondage outfits and a lot more.........

Visit our online shop and see the new designs of "Fetish", "Fashion" and "Bizarre"!


New Latex Rubber material online! De Luxe Rubber
High standard quality Latex rubber in 2mm thickness - shiny from both sides - handmade. Extraordinary Latex rubber material for the highest demands on Bondage outfits.

Our new breathtaking Bondage design in De Luxe Rubber:  the Strait-Jacket Leotard - an amazing feeling of restrictiveness in this Latex - Prison!

CHRISTMAS is nearly upon us!
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News: FET-X-Revolution 2008 – Dortmund/Germany (12.-13. April 2008)

„Spot on“ with the first Fetish event of this year we managed to open our new online shop (http://sealwear.net).

In the near future we are going to equip our online-shop with interesting new items. Some of those we have had already on display in Dortmund, i.e. Catsuit made of a new latex quality in “smoky

transparent” colour – a ‘real’ black-transparent – or our new stunning Mackintoshes, made of heavy weight purple or blue transparent latex, or new inflatables – or our new fashionable latex hats………
As a major fetish event the Dortmund FET-X has attracted some 50 exhibitors from Germany and abroad. Unfortunately there wa a lack of visitors. There were many reasons assumed for this. Anyway, the quality of items on display was of high professionalism and imaginative. Despite the low
number of visitors the message of this highly recommendable event quickly spread around Europe. Hence we do hope for much more people to come and join in next time.

We would like to take this opportunity and express our special thanks to all our visitors, our friends (we had lots of fun… :-), Benedicta, Dante Posh, Ancilla Tilia, Kristina and Sue (Ectomorph), Tony (Latexa), Simon & Nigel (Radical Rubber/Libidex), Peter und Waltraud (Fantastic Rubber) and Gunther Gaudel (Organiser)!

Sealwear has developed a sales network through the UK in partnership with SIMPLY PLEASURE shops.

Based around a ‘shop-in-shop’ system, Sealwear can offer the same prices and conditions within Simply Pleasure stores that can be found at our own showroom premises. Customers can take advantage of the various local Simply Pleasure stores and purchase the ‘Latex Bestsellers’ range as well as order mail order.

Since September 2007 5 Shops have been stocked with Sealwear items:

123 Hammersmith Road

5 Verney Street

6a Lower Briggate
25 Narborough Road
Unit 16, Beechwood Business Park
Burdock Close

The plan is to establish another
5 shops in 2008.