For made to measure garments measurements to be taken next to skin.

Please take your time and be as accurate as possible so that we can make your garment to your satisfaction.

If you are not sure get someone to check your figures.

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Please continue to fillout the form with your chosen measurement method (VERY IMPORTANT)

1. Bust(F) - 2. Chest(M) (required)

3. Waist (at smallest point) (required)

4. Hips (required)

5. Top of thigh (required)

6. Thigh (required)

7. Calf (at largest point) (required)

8. Ankle (at smallest point, above ankle bone) (required)

9. Foot (around instep) (required)

10. Foot length (required)

11. Inside length (crotch to smallest ankle point (8)) (required)

12. Neck (required)

13. Base of neck to waist (at rear) (required)

14. Base of neck to crotch (at rear) (required)

15. Waist to waist (through crotch) (required)

16. Inside arm (armpit to wrist joint, arm straight) (required)

17. Biceps (at largest point, arm straight) (required)

18. Wrist (at smallest point) (required)

19. Around chin and crown of head (required)

20. Around forehead (at largest point) (required)

21. Length of garment (base of collar to hem) (optional)

22. Length of skirt (waist to hem) (optional)

23. Trousers inside length (crotch to hem) (optional)

24. Total Height (optional)